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Vocal Teacher - Popular Music


Grading Certificate for Music Teacher of Social Education - China Conservatory of Music

Anabela Ieong is a singer from Macau. She received vocal training from one of Macau’s foremost singers, Ms. Zheng. She is winner of several awards, including 2nd Prizes at the "Future with Creation - Youth Singing Competition”, and "The 7th Youth Group Singing Competition”, as well as 1st Prizes at “The 6th Asia-Pacific Youth Singing Contest - Macao Regional Final” and “The 3rd Macau Elite Song Contest”. 


Anabela has performed extensively as a singer in Macau, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taiwan and Malaysia. Her talents were recognised by Hong Kong manager Paco and Alex, and she promptly signed on as an artist for the EOL Record Label. Her albums include Anita Mui Memorial Music Album, two personal dance albums "DANCE COLLECTION VOLUME I and II" and three mixed dance albums "BEST OF ASIA 2004, 2006 and 2011".


In recent years, together with seven Macau singers, she launched four albums for charity, and held a concert "Show We live in concert2017". She has many years of experience teaching singing. She has been steadfastly training young people who like to sing, and some have gone on to become Macau artists and singers.


Recently, Anabela has served as adjudicator and singing contest trainer for a number of associations and institutions. In addition, she has also been involved in some of the songs as a producer. Currently She is the supervisor of Macau Hot Blooded Performing Arts Association, the honorary president of Macau Artistes Association. She is a singing tutor of Macau Hot Blooded Performing Arts, YMCA of Macau, Bosco Youth Service Network and SP Entertainment.

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