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Maestro Comments

Muse 隆重推出Maestro Comments是一項網上大師點評服務,旨在幫助音樂學生實現他們的目標!無論您是準備參加音樂考試、比賽、表演,還是想報考音樂學位課程,我們的專業大師都能為您提供相應的支持。現只需錄製一段演奏視頻並發送給我們,通過Maestro Comments您將收到來自業界頂級音樂家大概5分鐘的評論短片,讓您的音樂水平得到提升!  


Introducing Maestro Comments by Muse - the online service that is designed to help music students achieve their goals! Whether you're preparing for a music exam, competition, performance, or even auditioning for a music degree program, our team of professional maestros is here to provide you with the necessary support. Simply record a video of your performance and send it to us, and with Maestro Comments, you'll receive insightful critiques in a 5-minute comment video from top musicians in the industry to help you improve your musical skills. Don't hesitate, register now and take your music to the next level!

Meet The Team

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