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Advanced Teacher - Flute

Ka I Lam, born in Macao, majored in Flute performance. Lam graduated from Macao Polytechnic Institute(MPI) and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music, tutored by Sibei Weng, the Flute Principal of Macao Orchestra. She has a profound academic background dated back to her secondary education. Tutored by Chang Liu, she studied at the School of Music of Macao Conservatory, graduated with a major in flute and gained a joint diploma awarded by Central Conservatory of Music Middle School in Beijing. 

Lam has participated various stages during her college years: being representative of MPI for tour performance in Chengdu (Sichuan), RTHKYoung Music Makers Macao Exchange Tour, the First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s University Students Arts Festival and college ceremony. She was invited to be one of the founding members of the initiation of Wind Quintet program in MPI.

Lam has studied under Mr. Lu Jia, the Music Director and Principal Conductor of Macao Orchestra, in his Chamber music masterclass. She also developed her professional skills under the guidance of various flute professors, including Gergely Ittzés, Anders Norell and Megan Sterling in her studentship.

After graduation, Lam has worked as a flute tutor and music teacher for schools and educational institutions, and was invited by Macao Orchestra to be the guest musician. In January 2020, she won the 2nd Prize in the International Young Artist Competition and Flute Festival of Macau in 2020-Senior Session.

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