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Advanced Teacher – Violin/Piano

BA in Music Education (MPI)

ATCL in Piano Performance

Charlene graduated from the School of Music of Macao Conservatory, majoring in violin. During her school years, she was selected to participate in performances in several cities including Taiwan, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhongshan. In 2010, she was selected to represent the school in the "NTSO Cross-Strait Youth Orchestra Camp" organized by the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra. Invited by the Drama School of the Macao Conservatory, she also participated in the performance of the representative play of the Chinese Drama Festival "Legend of Lyra" in Macao, and served as the violin solo in the play. In 2012, she went to the Vienna State University of Music and Performing Arts, Austria to participate in the 42nd session organized by Wiener Musikseminar, and was awarded the certificate of completion of the music camp. In 2013, she held a graduation concert at the Gangding Theater, Macau.


Charlene pursued her undergraduate studies in Macau Polytechnic Institute, where she majored in music education, and minored in piano and vocal music. During her studies, she was selected to participate in exchange performances at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and Beijing Capital Normal University. In 2015, she obtained grade 8 in piano performance with distinction. In 2016, she was invited to be a guest performer in the Macau Intercollegiate Recitation Competition and in 2018, she was invited to participate in the performance of "The 25th Anniversary of the Basic Law of Macau-Academia".


In 2020, she co-established the Macau Philharmonic Association Junior String Orchestra with a number of local music educators.

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