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Advanced Teacher - Piano/Accordion

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Sarajevo Music School- Diploma in Music


Jasmin has a diploma in music from the Sarajevo Music School, which he obtained in 2008. He started playing the accordion at the age of four and showed exceptional talent. His parents decided to enroll him in a music school , and that's when his musical journey began. He is skilled in playing various instruments such as the piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, trumpet, and French horn, but his expertise lies in the accordion. Over the past 20 years , he has gained extensive experience in musical performances, participating in public shows, major competitions, and international events. Some notable achievements include performing at the opening ceremonies of the "Sarajevo International Film Festival, " the "European Football Championship," and the "World Football Championship." He has also toured Europe with the Sarajevo Orchestra. In competitions, he secured second place in the "National Regional Music" Competition in the Youth Senior Category and first place in the Accordion category at the Turkish "Music Night" Music Competition.Additionally, he is a member of the "Musicians Without Borders" organization , contributing to music performances in different regions of the country. He has also been involved in various events in Macau, including weddings, company parties, and a high-end private event at MGM Michelin. Currently, he is dedicated to promoting and teaching the accordion in Macau, aiming to provide both children and adults with the opportunity to explore, appreciate , and learn the instrument.

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