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Senior Teacher - Flute/Piano

Performing Arts Degree(Master Degree), Richard Wagner Konservatorium, Vienna

Joyce Sit graduated from Richard Wagner Konservatorium in 2020. She was born in Macau, and started to learn piano at 9 years old. In 2007, she received the Piano Grade 8 Certificate of the Music Examination of the Chinese Musicians Association. In 2008, she won the third place in the National Youth Art Competition "China Times Cup" Zhuhai Piano Junior Group A. In 2009 she started to learn flute under Mr. Chang Liu in the School of Music of the Macau Conservatory, and also participated in many performances or exchange activities with the Orchestra of the Macau Conservatory. In 2012, she participated the Wiener Musikseminar International Music Festival and Master Class in Austria.

After graduating from the secondary school, she went to Austria to study flute performing arts under Prof. Barbara Gisler-Haase and Prof. Eszter Alföldy-Boruss at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and Richard Wagner Konservatorium. She participated in many concerts and performances with the orchestra and chamber music groups, as well as the performances at the Golden Hall in Vienna (in February 2014 and October 2019). In January 2020, she performed the Mozart's "Flute Concerto in G Major K.313" as a soloist with the RWK Symphonie Orchester, and held a solo graduation recital at the Richard Wagner Konservatorium in June 2020. Joyce also attended many masterclasses and lessons which taught by famous flutists, such as Peter-Lukas Graf, Michael Martin Kofler, Erwin Klambauer, Marc Grauwels, Sonja Korak, Nils Thilo Krämer, Esther Gisler-Auch, Birgit Böhm, Kate Lawson.

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