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Senior Teacher - Flute

Bachelor in Flute Performance at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Performance Advance Certificate (Postgraduate), Conservatorium van Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Performance Advance Certificate (Postgraduate), Fontys Conservatorium, The Netherlands

Kubi is one of the first professionally trained flautist in Macao. Early on in her music career, Kubi already won prizes and awards at several competitions. She studied the flute with Zhuang Enquan, Liu Chang, and Izaskun Erdocia, while also learning chamber music with Professor Yao Sanglin. In the past, she has served as principal flautist and piccoloist for the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra for 15 years, performing in more than 20 major cities in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. She has also performed in Macau as guest flautist for several overseas professional orchestras. In 2002, she performed as guest flautist with the Macau Orchestra at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. In 2005, she received a scholarship from the Cultural Bureau to attend a music festival in Hong Kong.

In 2006, Kubi furthered her studies in the Netherlands where she stayed for nearly ten years. She was awarded scholarships from the Macao Foundation, the Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, and for three consecutive years, a full scholarship from the Dutch Education Bureau to study at the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music. 

She graduated from the famous Conservatorium van Amsterdam with a Bachelor degree. Upon graduation, she continued her studies at the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg. Her teachers in the Netherlands include Jo Hagen (principal flautist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra), Harrie Starreveld (Dutch modern music specialist), Rien de Reede (former principal flautist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and renowned international competition adjudicator), Kersten McCall (current principal flautist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra),and Vincent Cortvrint (principal piccoloist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra). In 2012, she completed a highly commended paper on flute teaching for the DOK program (entrepreneur artist) ; in the same year, she was admitted to the Dutch Flute Academy international youth course, studying with Emily Beynon. She has participated in master classes by András Adorján, Renate Greiss-Armin and the Baroque master flute master Wilbert Hazelzet.

In 2013, she got 93 marks in the Postgraduate Group of the Dutch International Flute Competition and was selected as one of the last seven competitors in the Open Group of the Singapore International Flute Competition. In the same year, she performed a solo recital in Amsterdam organised by the Dutch Chamber Music Foundation; she was invited to perform in the postgraduate concert series at the Fontys Conservatorium , and performed solo concerts at the Jerusalem Church in Amsterdam. She has participated in flute conferences in Paris, France (2012), Utrecht (2012) in the Netherlands, Freiburg (2013) and Munik (2017) in Germany, and the Saron Chamber Music Festival (2017) in France.

Since returning to Macau in 2015, she has given many performances with as a soloist, as well as with ensembles and orchestras in Austria, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. Recent performances include concerts at the Macau University of Science and Technology Hall, the Macau Science Museum Planetarium, the Hong Kong Chinese University Midday Mind Oasis series and Musica del Cuore concert series; twice in the Macau Cultural Centre, she performed with the Macau Youth Wind Ensemble and the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra as soloist. She was recently invited to be a jury member of the 2018 Macao International Art Open Western Music Arena (Children and Youth Group).

Kubi has been teaching since 2003. She currently teaches for the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Macau Youth Wind Orchestra, the Macau University Wind Ensemble and several secondary schools.

Since 2011, she has been playing with a Brannen Brothers flute in 14k rose.

Kubi enjoys reading, thinking, outdoor activities, singing and playing with children in her spare time.

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