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Jazz & Pop Teacher - Guitar

Lon Wong is a professional guitarist from Macau. He is the lead guitarist of ARICLAN band and is also a session musician that has worked with artists such as Matzka, Terence Yin, Ari, and many more.

Along with his original band, ARICLAN, Lon has performed in numerous festivals, shows and events in the SouthEast Asia region including: FreeSpace Happening Festival(HONG KONG), Justin Lo Charity Concert 2018(HONG KONG), Whiskey Tasting Festival 2018(HONG KONG), HUSH! Macau Festival(MACAU), Simple Life Festival(Taiwan), Hohaiyan Rock Festival(Taiwan), HangZhou Jazz On The Lake Festival 2019(CHINA).

As a session musician, Lon has participated in studio recording. Recorded guitar tracks for tunes including “ADDICTION"- ARICLAN and ”Hungry"- Eman Lam.

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