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To Ching Yin

Advanced Teacher – Piano

BA in Music Education (MPI)


 TO Ching Yin is a piano performer, teacher, accompanist, and music educator. In 2023, he graduated from the Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, specializing in Music Education. During his studies, he was awarded multiple scholarships for Excellent New Students and for Outstanding Academic Achievement from MPU and DSEDJ.


He started playing the piano at the age of 5. He achieved LRSM in piano performance with Distinction and ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory under the tutelage of Ms. Clara Tjong and Ms. Lilik Sutiono. He had been a member of the Wenqin Keyboard Orchestra of Zhejiang University (ZJU) under the tutelage of Dr. Chen Lie until 2018. In 2019, he was admitted to the Macao Polytechnic University, majoring in the specialty of music education, studying piano and vocal music under the tutelage of Ms. Lei Vai Fan and soprano Dr. Wang Xiao respectively. He has also received coaching from many piano masters, including Jeremy Carter, Clara Taylor, Lio Kuokman, Lio Kuok-Wai, Jackson Leung, Henry Chow, Long I-Ian, Long Chi-Hang, and Huang Xiang.


Ching Yin has been active in music events in recent years. On New Year's Day 2022, he was invited to perform in the CCTV programme "Sailing to the Greater Bay Area - 2022 New Year's Concert" as a young pianist with a new national concerto suite "Homesickness & Ode to the Yellow River", alongside violinist Lü Siqing and the youth orchestras of Zhuhai. He also has extensive experience in chamber music, piano accompaniment, choral performances, stage management, and curatorial works, including MPU’s quarterly concerts, choral salons, and graduation concert series, "Concerto de Alunos Universitários da China e dos Países de Língua Portuguesa", "Os Sábados de Bel Canto" organized by "Fundação Rui Cunha", iMUSIC International Festival, IYMMC Wien competition, and choral programmes for the Celebration of Tai Fung Bank 80th Anniversary, UM and MPU Choir Joint Concert.


In addition, he has been a regular prize-winner in piano competitions from a young age, including the "Prémio de Talento" and numerous prizes in the Macao Young Musicians Competition organized by Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, First Prize in Sonata Class and First Place in J.S. Bach Class B of the HKYPAF competition.

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